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To all teachers & SENCOs

Don't Miss This Opportunity !

Assessment and Recording Software

for Special Educational Needs

With the end of the financial year fast approaching this is an ideal time to take stock and review the resources you need for supporting your students. We have a fantastic range of software available.
Our software packages can help you streamline identification of children's needs and the preparation of Individual Education Plans, especially for dyslexia and other learning difficulties

Here are just 4 of the many packages available!

IEP Writer 3

Lucid Exact

Lucid Rapid

Lucid LASS

Produce and revise detailed Individual Education Plans in minutes. Take advantage of the thousands of built-in targets, goals and teaching strategies.

Available in Primary, Secondary, Single, Multi-user and Network versions.

Assessment of skills and underlying literacy to evaluate the need for Access Arrangements in examinations. Provides valuable evidence for Examination Boards.

Suitable for students from age 11 - 24 years in Secondary, 6th Form, FE and HE.

This well-validated software provides quick and easy screening for dyslexia. Data can transfer to our more detailed tools if more assessment is needed.

Suitable for Primary and Secondary children aged 4-15 years

Presented in the form of games, this series of assessments focused on dyslexia measures literacy, reasoning, memory and phonics.

Available in Junior, Secondary, Single, Multi-user and Network versions.

(Quote SM21 for offer)

For information about these packages you can click on the images above.

You can click here to view and download our pdf format information leaflet.

You can speak to us by phone on 0844 289 8835

You can send an email to welcome@box42.com

You can also visit the Box42 Group website at box42.com