Prices for Lucid Assessment System for Schools (LASS) Software Package

Like most Lucid packages, LASS can be purchased either as a standalone package, or for installation onto a network. All prices exclude VAT and postage.

Lucid LASS 8-11 years1 year licence3 year licence
Standalone Package£129.50n/a
1 - 4 workstations£198.40n/a
5 - 10 workstations£307.55n/a
11 - 20 workstations£478.35n/a
21 - 40 workstations£739.395n/a
41 - 100 workstations£1146.35n/a

Lucid LASS 11-15 years1 year licence3 year licence
Standalone Package£169.50£385.55
1 - 4 workstations£267.80£600.00
5 - 10 workstations£426.35£964.60
11 - 20 workstations£658.85£1499.95
21 - 40 workstations£1029.55£2335.00
41 - 100 workstations£1606.75£3535.95

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