Prices for Lucid Adult Dyslexia Screening Plus (LADS Plus) Software Package

The Lucid LADS package has been discontinued, as Lucid feel the Lucid LADS Plus package is more accurate and more effective. Like most Lucid packages, LADS Plus can be purchased either as a standalone package, or for installation onto a network. All prices exclude VAT and postage.

Lucid LADS Plus1 year licence3 year licence
Standalone Package£234.95£549.95
1 - 4 workstations£489.95£1089.95
5 - 10 workstations£749.95£1679.95
11 - 20 workstations£1169.95£2589.95
21 - 40 workstations£1779.95£3999.95
41 - 100 workstations£2795.95£6249.95

To order any of these packages, please use the contact information below