IEP Writer 3


IEP Writer 3 enables you to create and update individual education plans in minutes so you can provide learning support that is tailored to the individual needs of each pupil. The software is intuitive and easy to use, and helps you create effective plans including realistic learning targets that challenge gifted pupils and encourage those with different abilities.

There are separate versions of IEP Writer 3 for primary and secondary schools, and each contains thousands of SMART targets written in a progression. Every target is accompanied by the relevant criterion for success; suggested resources for target achievement; realistic strategies for the busy class teacher and ideas for support staff. As well as individual plans, group plans can be produced and targets can be copied from one student's file to another.

ict class

IEP Writer 3 can help you to continually raise individual pupil achievement and produce comprehensive records of how each pupil is progressing in every lesson, which can be shared easily with parents. Targets for a particular student can be written by different teachers and can then be merged into a single IEP for the student. You can also motivate pupils by displaying learning targets simply and providing clear guidance to help them track their own progress and achievement. A separate target sheet is provided for the student to keep for reference. It contains "I will…" statements and has space for the student to add strategies, comments, outcomes, etc.

screenshot from IEP Writer 3 package graph showing progress screenshot for IEP Writer 3 input book