Lucid Ability

Swift and effective adaptive computerised assessment of verbal and non-verbal skills

NEW Lucid Ability - now you can assess ages 4-16 with one program

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Lucid Ability uses enjoyable and stimulating activities to assess verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills in the age range 4 - 16 years. Each test automatically adapts to the child's individual ability level, making assessment very time-efficient and easy to administer, so that the total assessment time is about 15 - 20 minutes.

For younger children (age 4 - 8 years) verbal ability is assessed by means of a picture vocabulary task, and non-verbal ability by means of a mental rotation game. For older children (age 7 - 16 years) verbal ability is assessed by means of conceptual similarities task, and non-verbal ability by means of a matrix problem-solving task. The tests do not require reading skills as the computer will read aloud any words that appear on-screen if the child wants this. Unlike most other ability tests, the results are independent of reading attainment, and can be used equally well with readers and non-readers.

screenshot from Ability package screenshot from Ability package

Results are available imediately, and are presented in a graphical screen display, which can be viewed and printed out immediately. Lucid Ability has been developed to the highest psychometric standards, using a sample of over 2,300 children across the age and ability range. Lucid Ability has been validated against a range of conventional instruments for assessing verbal and non-verbal ability, including Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-III), British Ability Scales (Second Edition), British Picture Vocabulary Scale (Second Edition), NfER-Nelson Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning Tests, and the Matrix Analogies Test.